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About Me

My name is Aspen.

I am named for the

quaking aspen trees.

I have been an artist

since I could hold

a pencil, taking much of

my influence from the

Inuit Art I loved as a child.

Wood-cut style art in a

beloved cartoon also play

a large part in what my

art has become.

Growing up in Sarasota,

FL exposed me to the

Ringling Art Museum,

as well as a great deal

of circus culture.

Since relocating to

Ocala, FL my art has

only become more

rewarding for me.

I have had no formal

schooling in art, and am

self taught in all I do.

My passion is the pen.

I find beauty in so many

things in life that are

commonly overlooked.

My newest inspirations

have come with the

collection of found

items I have emassed.

My spirit longs to see my

work exposed to the

public eye... to evoke

thought in the minds

and smiles on the faces.

I endeavor to persevere...