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What I Do

AspensArt creates a wide

variety of custom and

original pieces.

From tribal totems

(full of hidden images)

to beautiful pyrography...

my creativity and talent

shine in each piece I create.

The most instinctual art

form I create is my outsider

art and my totem pieces.

I enjoy designing tattoos,

pencil drawing and painting.

I offer one of a kind

stationary and envelopes

which delight not just the


but the entire chain of

posession, along the way.

My jewelry employs

gemstones, wood, glass

and other elements

of nature.

I can have most of my

art printed into a

custom skin

(for whatever

you can imagine)

or even a large wall

mural or sticker.

I am self-publishing

beautiful books of my

art and photography.

They are delightful!

One of my newest passions

is that of salvaging materials

otherwise seen as trash

or found in local parks...

I up-cycle and re-purpose.

From my Found Item

sculptures to my

embellished jars...

you will delight in the

eclectic world of my

Salvage gallery!

Just ask, and I am sure

that I can dream it up.

Love and Light